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Saturday’s winning Powerball numbers are . . .

3 – 6 – 21 – 60 (one-off) – 68 and Powerball # 24

Unfortunately No ticket hit the jackpot. Despite the narrow miss one ticket matched all five mainball numbers, winning $1,000,000 ! This winning ticket was sold in Massachusetts.

Wednesday’s drawing is now worth $127 Million ! On our numbers for Wednesday night are

7 – 2 – 16 – 19 – 8 – 10 – 5 – 23 – 13 -8
Our top five Powerball picks are

18 – 27 – 6 – 11- 16

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Reliable services

The services that are being provided by reputed agencies like playlottoworld are very reliable in every way. The company has tie ups with courier firms that help them get the tickets to all of the biggest and major lotteries that are being commissioned in different parts of the world. Their main aim is to make sure that each and every client who signs up with them has a wonderful and satisfying experience. The classic features that they offer are combined with all the modern technological advancements. This enables them to give their members pure entertainment for many hours on end.

Numerous benefits

When you register with playlottoworld, you are automatically entitled to a lot of offers and benefits. The biggest advantage that you will get is that you can buy all the tickets online. Physically going to a store to purchase them is now a thing of the past. You will get information that is up to date and most recent. There is a log of all your transactions so that you can refer them when needed. The website is accessible at any time. You can manage your account and pay for all items using your credit card.

Promotional offers

Playlottoworld gives its loyal members and customers a lot of offers as a sign of good faith for having chosen to register with them. When you sign up, you will have to make an initial deposit so that you can take part in any lottery of your choice. The company will give you a bonus by matching the same amount that you have initially invested. So you now have double the amount to buy tickets. Apart from this, every tenth ticket is given free of charge. This means that you have more chances of winning the jackpot. You can also save on bundle packages.

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Easy and fun

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Amazing experience

One of the main aims and objectives of a reputed website like playlottoworld is to make sure that each and every customer who comes to them to take part in lucky draws has a completely amazing time with them. The entire experience is designed to give the players a highly interactive time so that they can relax and take part in as many draws as they want to. So after a long day at work, take a break from your busy schedule and sit back in the comfort of your chair and watch the action unfold.

Constantly updating news section

One entire part of the playlottoworld website is dedicated to providing a series of information about the various lotteries that have taken place and the statistics that are related to these events. You can get all the news about the different draws and see who the winners are. This will also give you a bit of confidence because the stories of how the lives of the winners have been changed are also mentioned. The ratios of how the players have been performing and how many tickets have been sold are also given.

Are you looking for a reputed lottery syndicate that is known for its honest and sincere approach? If so, you should definitely check out Playlottoworld. This is an online lottery syndicate that connects you to some of the biggest lucky draws that are being organized around the world. By signing up with them you can have immediate access to about fourteen of the most famous and exciting games in the world. This is sure to give you many hours of total fun. You can do all this by sitting at home and using your computer. This is a very reliable company that you can fully trust.

For the whole family

The activities that have been planned out and prepared by Playlottoworld are meant to be fun for the entire family. You can sit back in the comfort of your own home and purchase a few tickets along with your close friends and family members. Then you all can sit down together and keep an eye on the proceedings. The website promises you many hours of unmatched excitement and interaction. This can be one of best ways of bonding with those who are close to you.

Promotional offers

Playlottoworld gives its members a lot of promotional offers when they register with them. When you sign up with the website, you will be given a very good welcome in the form of a welcome gift. This is also known as red carpet treatment because you will get an equal amount of bonus that matches with the initial payment you make. This means that you will have double the amount of money to invest in your draw. This automatically entitles you to purchase more number of tickets which you can use to enter more games and thereby increase your odds of winning the top prize amount.

User friendly interface

Playlottoworld offer its users one of the most advanced and friendly interfaces. As a loyalty initiative, the website hands out a free ticket for every nine tickets that are purchased. So this means that you will get an additional reason to take part in one more draw. All the results of every single lottery that is played is announced promptly as soon as they are declared. If there are any winners, they are notified individually in the form of an email. So if you do end up winning any amount, you will be informed about the same immediately.

The dream of every person who takes part in a lottery is that he or she should win it and take home a whole bucket load of cash. But this is something that never really happens. One out of a million people may end up being the winner. Now these are really disappointing odds and many people have lost their faith in this system. But Playlottoworld brings to you a new and exciting way of getting luck to act in your favour. The website gives you a number of ways how you can increase your chances of being that lucky winner. So check it out today to find out how you can do this.

Multiple locations

One of the most interesting features about Playlottoworld is that they bring you different lotteries form different parts of the world. You can take part in various lucky draws that are being currently offered. All this can be done while sitting in the comfort of your chair at home. Some of the biggest and the most exciting draws are being brought to you right at your doorstep. All you have to do is to go online and click what you feel is the best one for you. You can make your choice after taking a look at all the options that are granted to you.

Information about each option

One very good feature of Playlottoworld is that it gives its customers a detailed report about each and every draw that is being endorsed by them. You can get all you want to know just by clicking on a particular lottery. Some of them are combinations of many different ones that are being played in different countries. This will help you know more about what you have at your disposal. All the information related to how the group is played and how the winnings are calculated are also mentioned.

Your personal syndicate

Playlottoworld acts as a syndicate that brings together the best lotteries in the world. These are some of the most well known and highest paying draws on the planet. So you stand to win tens of millions of dollars or euros if you do end up as the winner. This is one of the best platforms for you to buy your tickets and place your bets on. So what are you waiting for? Go get you initial investment done and watch the action unfold.

One of the major lotteries that you can play at is the French Lotto. It is, in fact, considered as among the most beloved games in the world because of the huge prize at stake. The minimum jackpot is as high as €2 million already. This amount rolls over as long as it is not taken yet. In history, the highest roll over of the jackpot was a striking €18 million. Like any other charity sweepstakes, there are also some portions of the income that go to social programs. Specifically, this provides some funds in order to support some sports teams and various athletes.

Mechanics in Playing French Lotto

In order to play this at or other platforms, you have to choose five (5) Main Numbers and one (1) Lucky Number. The main numbers range between 1 and 49 while the Lucky Numbers ranges from 1 to 10. Similar to any other lotteries available in this platform, you need to place your order first. You can choose this French Lotto along with the other lotteries that you want to bet on too. Your order will then be confirmed by them. Checking your order out will require you to have enough funds on your account.

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Draws and Schedules

The schedule of the draws is held three (3) times in a week. These are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is also one of the many reasons why this particular lottery is well-loved since people have more chances of winning in a week. There are two (2) pools of numbers where the winning combination will be taken. The first pool is where the first five (5) numbers will be drawn while the second pool contains the ball for the Lucky Number. Right after the draws, also posts in their website the winning combinations.

Winning the Jackpot and Consolation Prizes

Lottery Winner

Lottery Winner

The probability of winning a prize in this lottery is quite high. Havingimpressive odds, one out of 16 players may win some prizes. As a matter of fact, as stated above, you can win a prize just by hitting one number, which is the Lucky Number. Of course, in order to get the jackpot prize, you have to match the entire winning combination, which is composed of the five (5) main numbers and one (1) Lucky Number. There are also five other prize categories, wherein the amount you can win scales up as you match more numbers.

Even though that there are no national lottery in the United States, there are lots of lotteries that are being run by at least 44 jurisdictions. These include 44 states and the other districts of Columbia, as well Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. There are only few states in the US that have no lottery. These are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, as well as Nevada and Utah. These games have become one of the main sources of revenues of many states. For example, these were able to raise at least $17.6 billion in 11 states in 2009.

Mega Millions Lottery

American Lotto

American Lotto

One of the options that you can play in is Mega Millions. Whilethis is not the national lottery, this is considered as the biggest because of the jackpot prize at stake, which starts at as much as $12 million. This is being played in at least twelve states right now. There are two ways of winning it, which are either through one-time lump sum or through annuity. The former refers to the option wherein you will receive everything that you won at once. Alternatively, the latter option means that you will be receiving your money in installments in the next 26 years.

USA Power Ball Lottery

Secondly, another popular game that you can play is the USA Power Ball. The oddsor probability in winning at least a prize is at 1 in 32. The draw dates are scheduled every Wednesdays and Saturdays. During these dates, five out of 59 white balls and one (1) out of 35 red balls are being drawn. Like the Mega Millions, winners have the option to get their prize annually, but this time, it is over the next 29 years. This game also has a Multiplier Option, which is called as Power Play. This enables bettors to multiply their secondary prizes for up to four times.

Californian Lottery

Californian Lottery

Californian Lottery

Thirdly, you can also play in the lotteries that are being run in specific states. One ofthem is the Californian Super Lotto Plus, which is the official lottery in California and created way back in 1984. The jackpot prize starts at $7 million and this rolls over every time that no one wins it. In its history, the biggest jackpot was $193 million. What makes this unique from the other lotteries in US is that it is for a good cause. Its creation was as part of the efforts of the government to generate funding for various public schools there.

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There is a kind of lottery anywhere around the globe. In Australia, for example, there are different groups that run this industry. Some of them include the Tatts Group Limited, Intralot Australia and even some government-owned corporations. These help the government raise funds for its operations and even for social services. For example, the Victoria government awarded Tattersall a right to hold weekly lottery in order to raise additional funds that will complement its health system. This is also true in United Kingdom and Brazil, wherein a portion of the income from the lottery is being spent on various social programs.


Australian “Oz” Lotto


There are different lotteries in Australia that are being run both by private and government companies. The schedules of the draws vary as well. Some are just twice a week while there are some that hold three draws in a week. For the biggest jackpot, the draw is scheduled once a week only. For this particular game, you need to pick a combination of seven numbers. Your options will be from 1 to 45. If you got all the seven numbers, then the jackpot is yours. However, if you only matched some of the numbers in the combination, there are consolation prizes available.


Brazil’s Mega Sena Lottery

Alternatively, Brazil Mega Sena is another big lottery game, which is played and drawn in SouthAmerica. The draw runs every Wednesdays and Saturdays, which has a very special method. This is because the balls are being drawn from two machines simultaneously. This is in order to make a complete combination. What you need to do is to pick six numbers from 1 to 60. If you are only able to match 4 or 5 of the winning numbers combination, you still have the chance to win a prize. Like the previous one, there are also consolidation winnings.


UK’s National Lottery


Furthermore, another international lottery game that you can play is UK’s National Lottery,which draws are scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays too. This game has already created more than 2,800 millionaires with aggregate winnings of £29 million. This is the reason why it is considered as the biggest in the world too. For you to win, you need to pick six numbers between 1 and 40. Of course, you need to match them all in order to win the jackpot. However, there are also some prizes being given out for those who only matched at least three numbers.

Lottery games have different mechanics. They also have various requirements for you to play them. For example, there are those that will only require you a combination of five (5) numbers while there are some that are in three number combination. Of course, the amount of the jackpot money at stake differs too, depending on how many people are patronizing such game. In this regard, having options is vital in order for you to have a certain degree of freedom where you can play. This is also true if you want to play lottery in different countries without going there physically.

Lotteries in the United States



There are three major lottery games that you can play in the United States. These are the MegaMilion, PowerBall and Californian. The first one is considered as one of the biggest in America since its jackpot starts at $12 million. Minor prizes also range between $2 and $250,000.  It is also a multi-state kind of lottery, which combines at least twelve states. PowerBall is another popular interstate lottery. Its prize starts at $4 million, but can grow to as much as $20 million in just a week. Alternatively, you can also play the Californian Lottery that offers a jackpot prize that starts at $7 million.


Options in Europe

European Lottery

European Lottery

If you want to play European Lotteries, there are lots of options available at Playlottoworld .Some of them include the EuroMillions, Italian National, El Gordo, as well as EuroJackpot and the French Lotto. EuroMillions Lottery is a combination of nine countries. The Italian National or SuperEnalotto is another option, which offers up to €100 million worth of prizes. El Gordo or Gordo de la Primitivais, is a kind of lottery game that is being organized by Spain’s Organization of Lotteries and Bets (ONLAE). The jackpot prize here ranges between €6.5 million and €35 million.

Other International Games

Moreover, for other international lottery games, you can choose between Oz Lotto and Brazil Mega Sena. The first one is an Australian Powerball, which is being operated by Tattersalls. The minimum amount of the jackpot is AUS$4 million while it could be as much as AUD$76 million. However, its draws are only once a week, which is every Thursdays. Another option would be the Brazil Mega Sena, which is among the biggest in South America. Its draw days are being conducted twice a week, which is every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Win Big with Online Lotto

In addition to working hard to make ends meet, some people depend a wee bit on luck hoping for a better life. This is one of the main reasons for more and more people relying on lottery games to work a miracle overnight. While some may have achieved their dream of striking gold, many still keep trying everyday hoping to win something big someday.

Why Lottery Games?

While there are many forms of gambling games available why do people go for lotto games? It can be due to a number of reasons the number one reason being lotto offering regular chances of winning the prize money. Another reason is that lotto games have been played by people since the ancient times and it is easily available. One can find tickets in convenience stores, grocery stores and many other family owned shops. These days one does not have to go to stores in search of lottery tickets. All you have to do is open a free account on a website like  where you get a chance to play lotto games from three continents. You can also choose to ‘bundle play’ where you can play all lotteries over a week, a month, a three or six month period or a year. The bundle play offer comes for a discounted price.

Points Program



With playlottoworld, when you buy your lotto tickets online, you get lotto points automatically credited to your account. Depending upon the amount you deposit one gets points credited to his/her account. You get a 5 point credit to every lotto ticket you purchase. This does not apply to the bundle play offer. If you need more points, all you have to do is, go to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and like playlottoworld and the points will be automatically credited to you. It is that simple and easy.

Syndicate Play

One also has an opportunity to form their own lottery syndicate with your family, friends or colleagues. Make sure you have enough funds and choose the syndicate you want to join. The play zone will give you details of how many shares are available for each draw. You can buy how much ever shares you want and select the lottery you want to buy. Playlottoworld will act as your syndicate manager and manage your shares. If you win you’ll be notified after a final verification of the ticket numbers.